Maquila service

We offer the possibility of producing any type of finished product, either from the channel or from any other type of piece. Our service includes primary cuts, deboning, polishing, and meat trimmings for your product

Own production

We elaborate, store and distribute on demand any part of the cutting of the pig, as well as lean of different quality, from the lean of spine to the lean of mechanical extraction. Today we are authorized to export fresh meat to countries such as Japan, Republic of South Africa and South Korea. We have level 3 ASE certification


Our company has a specific self-control procedure in place for export. Below are the countries for which we are included in their lists of authorized establishments.

Philippines | Japan | Mexico | South Africa | Singapore | Vietnam


We have a daily logistics service that allows us to distribute fresh and frozen meats to our national customers with the best service and punctuality, and weekly at an international level.

In order to achieve this, we have our own fleet of trucks and we work with local carriers approved by our quality system to obtain a COMMITMENT TO TRANSPORT CONTROL.